Resolutions and champagne bubbles

Posted: 2012/01/02 in Ponder this, Uncategorized
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Useless resolutions… yip… we all have them. What prompts us to decide to change our behaviour, to start doing that which we’ve dwelt on for months –if not years? Could it be that we’re all just procrastinators at heart?

Might it be that we are all procrastinators? … whether it be the long dreaded diet, our jobs, relationships or just the plain old “live healthier” we tend to wait until 1 January to put our plans into action – or better yet, we plan to plan! We don’t just do it when it pops into our heads in March, or September … oh no – it goes on our New Year’s Resolutions list.

So in this new year … this one of 366 days… we promise ourselves that we’ll go to gym, start the diet – save for the holiday to Thailand or Aruba or Peru – finally get that promotion, start that business, get the degree… write that book. And yet, on 31 December we’ll reflect on what we failed to achieve during the year, that we’ve picked up weight, have more debt, still work in the same dead-end job, didn’t get the degree and still only have the outline of that novel.

Champagne Bubbles

We’ll just drown our sorrows and let the champagne bubbles float up with renewed dreams and resolutions for the next year.

twentytwelve has the potential to be a great year… a new start… the champagne bubble of promise, poised to cause either elation or one hell on a hangover, or both. I would like to break away from the “prosperous new year” wishes and wish you all a champagne bubble of a new year – one that will rise to the top of the half empty / half full glass and make this year a tipsy one.

Forget about resolutions, for they are doomed to fail… time after time… rather do what you want, when you want, how you want. Because what else is there to do? We all know that plans change… that life happens… the unexpected turns things on their heads…

Get that motorcycle, go bungee jumping, go spend a week on a beach where no-one can speak English… drink pink drinks… eat that thing that might or might not be something scraped from the bottom of a barrel… sip the bubbles… enjoy life


– Dwayne Evans

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